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To put a mentor in every woman's pocket.

Kosima Kovar

Kosima Kovar

CEO & Co-founder
Matthew Ziebarth

Matthew Ziebarth

CTO & Co-founder

Laura Casanova

Head of Content and Customer Experience
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Sophie Rea

Business Development
Matthew Ziebarth

Jennifer Anger

Customer Success
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Navneet Sidhu

Digital Marketing
Sophie Stark

Sophie Stark

Graphic Design

Furkan Kursun

Senior React Developer
Khashayar Kazemi

Kashayar Kazemi

Senior Backend/AI Developer
Matthew Ziebarth

Kadir Buyuk

Senior Flutter/Web Developer
Sophie Stark

Kambis Kohansal-Vajargah

WKÖ Head of Startup Services

Heinz Herczeg

Speaker, Lecturer, HR Consultant

Bernd Gruber

Founder with exit, Global Product Manager

Anikó Ivanics

Senior Innovation Manager, Future of Work

Beate Danczul

Founder with exit, Business Development


Anna Hofmann
Co-founder and managing partner at GREEN SOURCE GmbH

Nathalie Karré
People & Culture Management, Founder ACCELOR & ACADEMY of FULFILLED LIFE, Mentor WOMEN4WOMEN, Bestselling Author, Business Angelina

Francine Brogyányi
Managing Partner at DORDA Attorneys at Law

Karin Kreutzer
Female Business Angel of the Year 2021, Advisory Board Member at Calm/Storm and Member of the Investment Committee of aws Gründerfonds II


Hansi Hansmann
Most successful business angel in Austria 

Jasmin Soravia
Managing Partner at Kollitsch&Soravia Immobilien GmbH 

Johannes Trenkwalder
Expert for domestic and international transactions with a focus on the energy sector and Investment Principal at Greensource

Berndt Zinnöcker
Tax Partner at BDO Austria


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Nina Wöss
Managing Partner Fund F

Alfred Luger
Partner Calm/Storm VC, Ex-COO/CFO & Co-Founder Runtastic, Investor + Business Angel


Christiane Holzinger
Tax professional, investor, business angel, financial coach for women

Lisa-Marie Fassl
Managing Partner Fund F, Co-Founder Female Founders, Forbes 30u30, Vice President Austrian Angel Investors Association

Stefan Artner
Founder, Startup Investor/Business Angel, Lawyer


Lucanus Polagnoli
Founder Calm/Storm Ventures, Kauffman Fellow, Investor in TabooTech, DigitalHealth, Austrian Founders


Lisa Pallweber
Investment Manager,
Hans(wo)men Group

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Fund F
Fund F is a European venture capital firm that invests in gender-diverse teams of female founders.

Hans(wo)men Group
Hans(wo)men Group is an association of startups that share common values, similar goals and the same business angel. A group with incredible performance.

Calm/Storm VC
Calm/Storm is an exclusive startup network and venture capital firm. Calm/Storm invests in goal-oriented founders who change our lives and our health for the better.


Why should you invest in Ada Growth?

According to a PitchBook study, female founders have lower average year-over-year cash burn, greater early-stage valuation growth and lower late-stage valuation decline compared to male-only startups.

SOURCEPitchBook study on female co-founders >

Companies with female CEOs and CFOs have better share price performance,
compared with the market average.

In the 24 months following their appointment, female CEOs experienced 20% higher stock price momentum and female CFOs experienced 6% higher profitability and 8% higher stock returns.

SOURCEWhen Women Lead, Firms Win, S&P Global

The corporate microlearning market offers an immense opportunity with expected growth from $1.9 billion in 2021 to $2.7 billion in 2024, meeting the need for training deskless and mobile workers and satisfying the demand for competency-based and results-oriented training programs with measurable business outcomes.

SOURCEMicrolearning Market Outlook >

Investments in EdTech offer significant potential driven by the substantial growth of the global education technology market and increasing demand. The market size was estimated at $123.40 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.6% from 2023 to 2030.

SOURCEEdTech Market Outlook >

Ada Growth Team